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Oracle Interviews in Burlington

www.oracle.com /  HQ: Redwood City, CA

61 Interviews in Burlington (of 4,255)

3.1 Average

Charles River Development Interviews in Burlington

www.crd.com /  HQ: Burlington, MA

45 Interviews in Burlington (of 111)

3.0 Average

Nuance Interviews in Burlington

jobs.nuance.com /  HQ: Burlington, MA

42 Interviews in Burlington (of 294)

2.9 Average

Interview Questions in Burlington

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How do you feel about manageing a team of experienced jewelry sales people with more years of experience in the business?

1 Answer

I look forward to working together to share our skills and learn from eachother. I enjoy working with diverse teams that can offer experience.

If you had 9 marbles, all the same size. One is heavier than the rest. You have a balance scale. How do you determine the heavy marble in the least number of moves.

2 Answers

Why do you want to work for us?

3 Answers

"How do you translate benefits into a dollar value that might mean something to the customer?

2 Answers

What makes you better than the 6 other candidates we're interviewing?

2 Answers

You are often asked to rate your own skill level in key areas

1 Answer

What is an area that you feel you are weakest in and need to develop your skills.

1 Answer

The detail of my recent course project

1 Answer

tell me you would migrate the data off a Hitachi system to a EMC?

1 Answer

basic interview questions

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