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Senior Project Manager Interview Questions in Burlington, MA

"When interviewing for a position as a senior project manager, you can expect to be asked not only about your skills and experience as a project manager but also about your ability to hire, place, and mentor other project managers, step in when when a troubled project needs to be turned around, and devise ways to continuously improve project management strategies. Prepare to answer questions about how you would resolve project issues of any size, incorporate the company's business needs into the decisions made in each project, and review projects to determine how you the company can improve from them."

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Same experience as previous review. Was shown an equation where 'X' was unknown variable and asked how to answer.

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My first ask/answer was: "Well what does X stand for and we can go from there". Response was: "Exactly". Have to be able to feel comfortable asking questions and not worrying about appearing not to know information.

Various questions about project management; Agile, Kanban, Jira Questions about how to handle project conflicts What was the biggest risk you took (personal or proffesional) AND failed at? How did you recover? What the biggest risk you regret never taking? Would you prefer to work with someone who is a hard worker OR more intelligent? Why?

Typical software and project experience questions. Interviewed by 3 leaders...with one observer. Interviewers can from three different functions, so question related to functions...specific project work, PMO type questions, client/business function questions.

x*PPM = 100. What is X?

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