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Recall a time during your work experience where you were asked to do something that was not part of your job description.

The quality of my work, my appearance, how I got along with the other students, and my ability to follow directions without supervision.

What's the difference between Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery?

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What do you know about our products? (Researching the company helps)

Give a recent example of a time when you were unable to satisfy either an internal or external customer. What was the situation, and what did you say or do?" What project management tools have you used to keep the project on track, both within timelines and within budget? Give a recent example that demonstrates your ability to use these tools to keep the project on track." What feedback mechanisms, aside from annual performance reviews, have you used to make sure your work, or the work of your staff, is on target? Describe them in detail Decision Making "When making a decision in conjunction with others, how have you sought their opinions? Give an example of a recent group-based decision process." "What methods have you used to ensure that a decision you have made was an effective decision? Give a recent example of using those methods to ensure a quality decision." "When making a decision that affects others either inside or outside your work group, what methods do you use to communicate that decision to others? Give an example of a decision that you made and how you communicated it." Fairness to Employees (Leading and Managing Others) "Tell me about a time in which you had to facilitate a conflict resolution between two of your employees. What was your role in the situation? What steps did you take to ensure a fair and open process?" "Describe a situation in which you had to work hard to avoid being perceived as showing favoritism toward one employee. What was the situation, and what specifically did you do to ensure you treated the employee equitably with your other employees?" "Describe a recent experience in which you took action to create an open and fair work place. Describe your

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