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How do you deal with ambiguity?

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They're looking for a self-starter/someone who can guide themselves in their day to day work--no hand holding. They don't however, want you to be so self sufficient in this role you look to move outside a business administrator role.

Why would you want a BA role? No one moves 'up' (or anywhere, really) from there...

As someone who has always prided myself on 'journalist' background and communications skills, asking the extra questions at the start is my essential MO. Nobody really likes swinging away in the blind, but if you allow a vague e- to put you in a hole about expectations, seldom will you choose exactly the desired path to specific results. I can wing it with the best, but historically I ask a couple of the 5Ws, perhaps add a "so this is where I'm going with that," comment. Person bringing the ambiguity will have a clue about how I'm handling, if they don't say "whooooa guy, that's not at all what *I* was thinking!" then I proceed, and of course, periodically update on progress/problems dealing with.

Single Sign On between BusinessObjects and SAP and the associated problems.

Tell about a time when you worked with someone new.....

Tell me about a time you were able to do something that profited the whole company, or your coworkers...

What are your hobbies (a difficult question to answer without being sarcastic if you are a single working mom and they know that)?

Discuss a problem I had experienced in the work place and how I was able to resolve it.

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What would your last boss say about you?

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