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You set an appointment for an initial sales meeting. You arrive and the man you are schedule to meet with says I'm booked solid today and only have 15 minutes instead of the 60 I promised, let's head back and meet ok? What's your response?

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How would your generate leads to hit your quota

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Tell me about a time when you had to deal with an unethical situation.

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Nate and Pete were simple, standard interview questions. Andy is tough, asked some questions that I've never been asked. Hardest one was, if you were in charge of the evacuation strategy for Atlanta and a major disaster hits, what would you do?

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"Role play as if you were going to sell me x."

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How would you handle a requirements meeting in which there were several competing views of an existing process?

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Relatively standard interview questions in the behavioral interviews. The case study we were given a struggling insurance company and asked on ways to improve results.

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what do you want to work here over your present internship?

Tell me about a time you were working on a team and encountered adversity? What about consulting interests you? How do you manage / juggle multiple competing projects and assignments? How do you prioritize things?

Describe a cross opco solution you helped implement

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