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Mostly typical questions--What attracts you to the position/company?

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The Sr. Recruiter was particularly friendly and easy to talk with.

How much have you worked with SQL? Have you worked with Hadoop and hive? How can we use hadoop data to analyze with SAS? Experience with SQL server? Behavioral questions as How do you handle challenges? some examples Some achievements? Examples preferred manager? why Preferred management style? explain

Provide an example of major mistake you made in the work environment? How did you rectify this mistake

What do you like most about writing? What do you find most challenging about writing?

Tell me about a difficult situation you've handled (in specific, a situation that you want to persuade or convince people)

A mixture of behavioral and logic/math type questions. They were very disorganized and each interviewer basically scrambled to think of things to ask when they came in - none of them seemed to know who was coming in next or what they were trying to get out of it. The logic puzzles had the right degree of difficulty, but the math questions were stupid - one relied on you to see a trick that basically took any real work away from the problem, and the other basically straight-up asked for the expected value of a geometric series. It's absurd to expect someone out of college who isn't currently studying series to pull a formula out of nowhere - you should be testing innate analytical ability, not whether or not I have something memorized that I could easily research online if needed.

Questions about experience, etc. Fairly standard and simple. Most of the interviewers did not prepare for the interview.

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