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Main interviewer manager was very hostile. Kept asking me questions and interrupting me when I tried to answer. This went on throughout the entire interview and I just did the best I could. I sent thank you notes to each interviewer after the interview. I told the vendor that if all the candidates are interviewed that way, they will turn the job down because they are not going to want to report to the hostile manager.

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I tried to answer the questions and the manager kept interrupting me throughout the interview. This means the manager is really very frustrated and has a very poor interview style. After they turned me down, I sent emails to all interviewers expressing interest in other positions and thanking them again for their time. About 6 months later, the hostile manager sent me an email through linkedin and asked me to apply again telling me the job is being re-issued. I responded that I would submit my resume again. Went back to the vendor, re-submitted, got phone interview and in-person interview again and got an offer. The original job was a project manager role at 80 per hour. The reissued job was a business analyst role at 60 per hour. Started working there in Feb 2015. Stay tuned for the review of what it was like to work there for a year.

Very basic questions about my experience and handling different difficult situations that can occur when managing various stakeholders on one project

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