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Can you tell me the percentage of applications that result in a hire (let’s call it the hire rate) grouped by location? List the hire rate for US by state and by country if the position was international. Table 1: applications candidate_id application_id job_title job_location_office_name application_create_date flag_hired -->***‘’hired = 1’’ Not hired = "0" ***<--- Table 2: google_offices office_name city state Country

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select case when = 'US' then o.state else end AS location, sum(flag_hired)*1.0/count(*) percentage_hired from applications a left join google_offices o on a.job_location_office_name = o.office_name group by case when = 'US' then o.state else end

How many Swiggy orders get placed in a day in pune?

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How many Uber bookings done in a day in Mumbai?

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How many Vadapavs get sold in a day in pune??

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