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One interviewer notoriously asks "Any questions?" And nothing else.

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Good candidates get it and they have a good discussion. Poor candidates flail around and are not successful.

Here are different marketing strategies and how much it costs to execute them. Which one would you choose and why?

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Most of the questions are based off of things actually in your résumé. So, they pointed out that I indicated that I had completed training for and was seeking a CAPM certification and asked me which courses specifically I felt I got the most out of.

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Tell me about a project that you worked on for at least three months and how you went through the initial planning stage.

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The verbal case question: 1) Let's say you're looking to open a clothing store. How would you figure out where to put it? which later led to 2) You make a lot of money and someone asks to borrow $50k. How do you figure out if you'll give it to them?

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What do you enjoy doing outside of work.

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"What would you be most concerned about on your first day of work"

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Asked to conduct a short analysis in the homework assignment

Why do you want to do sales and marketing specifically?

Everything was as expected and as detailed in the communications with the recruiter. Typical questions.

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