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Imagine a cube 1x1x1, then imagine that you form a cube of 10x10x10 with all these little cubes of 1x1x1. How many cubes do you have to remove to get rid of the surface of cubes.

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10*10*2 + 10*8*2 + 8*8*2


A few years ago, Sprint decided that they will make phone calls from cellphone-cellphone free! There is a legend that a guy who was 20 years old by that time decided to call every single cellphone in the united states, and when he was 80 years old he finished doing all that calls. Is that possible? prove it!

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what factors should you consider if you want to open a new customer service branch?

Come up with a profit formula considering the following variables: Principal, decline rate, default rate

If a local retailer was setting up a new store, what sort of things would you consider?

Initial case question that I had to go through with one of the consultants--involving a number of analysis questions with a fair degree of math (they provide you with a calculator) to be considered on the spot. Know how the numbers they give you relate to the questions they ask you, and be able to sift out unnecessary details.

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