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ZS Associates
Business Associate Intern was asked...October 2, 2011

Describe a technical presentation you have had to give in an academic or work environment.


Explain Google Search to your Grandma? Imagine I give you 10000 euro to start a business, where would you invest and why?


Imagine your own a flower shop and just got 50,000 kr. that you want to invest. How will you leverage on Google's product portfolio? Why does it make financial sense for both you and Google to make use of more than just AdWords?


Phone interview: in a very informal manner, just a talk about your interests, availability, current state of things. Nothing to be scared of. HR lady - very pleasant, helpful and supportive. Handout interview: There were few basic CV questions: why us? why you? tell me about yourself. 60% of the time of the Handout interview were the actual case-studies, situations where they wanted to see your ability to think and your knowledge of their products. So ask additional questions, think out loud, show your interest and way how you would tacle the problem.

General Mills

None really. Simple behavioral, "tell me about a time when..." questions.

ZS Associates

Again, the behavioral and case were both straight forward. The hardest question was probably "tell me about your background."


Explain all the costs involved when developing a power plant.


The most difficult part of the interview was the business case

ZS Associates

Initial case question that I had to go through with one of the consultants--involving a number of analysis questions with a fair degree of math (they provide you with a calculator) to be considered on the spot. Know how the numbers they give you relate to the questions they ask you, and be able to sift out unnecessary details.

ZS Associates

Tell me about a situation when the right decision and the popular decision were not the same.

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