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Whats the difference between inner join and outer join?

2 Answers

Inner Join returns values where the key between the two tables are the same, and values are present in both tables. Outer Join returns the Values from both tables, based on the key, even if there is not any data the joining table. If not value is available, then NULL is returned for that specific Row Data based on the Key

Specified in the WHERE clause, joins simply combine data from multiple tables in the result. INNER JOIN, the most common, returns the rows for which the given ON condition is satisfied for both tables. LEFT/RIGHT OUTER JOIN statements return all the rows from the specified table regardless if there is a match in the unspecified table, with the matching rows specified in the ON condition in the unspecified table.

What's the most creative or proud example you have of an exceptional insight you got from analytics work?

1 Answer

Sell me pen.

21 Answers

what are you doing ?

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Tell me about yourself.

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Why sales after b. Tech

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what is polygon?

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"Where did you grow up?"

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Difference betweem marketing and sales

4 Answers

Tell me 3 qualities to hire you

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