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Personal Banker was asked...April 16, 2014

Full form of ATM.

23 Answers

automated teller machine

auto teller machince

Automated teller machine

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Woodforest National Bank

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

6 Answers

Looking for a service oriented company where I can utilize my administrative, sales and interpersonal skills. Less

Skills: Clerical,Banking, Organization, Communication, Precious Gem Grading , Customer Service. Less

Pastoral Staff, Tremont Church of God, Greenville, S.C. 2006-2015

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The entire interview was competency based. The Hiring Manager was reading out a competency relevant to the role. And I was supposed to give examples from my work or personal life. No trick questions, e.g. what is your weakness, how would others describe you, etc. Overall, very formal.

6 Answers

can you remeber most of the questions they asked you and how long did the interview last? thanks Less

okay thank you.i have mine next week and i dont know what to expect. were there any role plays involved and was the interview process intimidating? Less

In my particular case - no, no role play and not intimidating at all. Just read their competencies and think of your specific examples that you can use for each case. My whole interview was very formal and purely focused on competencies. Would probably depend on interviewer's individuality. Less

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NAB - National Australia Bank

Group activity in small groups.

6 Answers

Hi, I am in the talent pool as well , assessment centre of 21st March. Did you receive anything from them yet? Less

Is this for retail or operation?

Hi, I just got invitation for the engagement centre. any more suggestions?

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Bankers Life

Have you heard of Bankers Life?

6 Answers

same as you. I got an unsolicited call several days ago.

I told them "no"...then the "interviewer" proceeded as if this were an expected response (actually, now that I think of it, he seemed relieved that I did not know the company!). Less

I just scheduled 'an interview' and just emailed them to cancel it.

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Wells Fargo

what do you think is the most important part of sales

5 Answers

Listening to the customer and understanding their needs to be able to offer a complete solution of services that ties back and makes sense for the customer Less

Making sure the client is satisfied and walks away with a positive impactful experience (for referrals and retention). Less

Being able to help the customer with efficiency, respect and patience

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Can you do core sales?

5 Answers




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Wells Fargo

all questions were expected much like what is your biggest sales accomplishment

4 Answers

What are good answers for these questions? I've worked for tacobell and I work for a school now so my customer service is a bit different and goals are too Less

I am sure that taco bell had sales goals that it had to achieve. What did you do to make sure that the daily goals were met for the store. The school how is success measured? Is it measured by enrollment? Is there a certain program you work with? If so how is that program successful? What do you do to make sure that you are not just clocking in and doing what is expected? Less

Tacobell honestly the management was horrible but I was great with customer friendly alway offer drinks and the new items . I always had good comments for me customer service and the school we have to have a certain amount of students in our groups and keep our read aloud interesting like do a puppet show or do role play have the students play it out just be fun . For homework I keep a charge of who finishes their homework and at the end of the week the earn a prize so I can encourage them to actually use their time wisely instead of them fooling around and this helps me help their parents . I do arts and craft and supplementally words as well and it helps the kids that need help with spelling and grammar Less

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Bank of America

If you have several customers in line, one with you, etc etc what would you do?>

3 Answers

No right answer really ..but try not to take to long with one customer

Simply acknowledge the line of customers...thanking them for their patience...and continue with customer in front of you Less

No right answer of those "no correct answer" kind of questions.


Asked me about my job history and what I like most about my previous jobs and what I liked least. Then She asked why did I want to work for Citibank and what I would bring to the company.

3 Answers

Found excellent read:

i am intrest to work in bank

I answered honestly about my work back ground and what I liked about Citi and why I wanted to join them at the call center Less

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