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PNC Financial Services Group
Teller Banking Representative I was asked...December 13, 2011

(1:1 Hiring Mgr) What is the extent of your cash handling experience?

3 Answers

Lead / Head Teller in Queens, and a High Priority Teller at Wall Street, N.Y.C.T.A. Location BROOKLYN n QUEENS, NY. Cash Handler for over 5 years, On a Average DAY of BY Hand Cash Handled was $200.00K, or higher. McCoy Federal Credit Union, Location ORLANDO, FL. $$ amounts would vary from day to day. PGA Credit Union, Location PBG. $$$ amounts would vary day to day, Friedman 's Jewlers Location WPB., FL. Assistance Store Manager n Credit Manager. $$$ varied from day to day, as well as the jewelry. SAM'S Location: WPB. FL. COS/CSM Cashier. OVER 2 years. Handling CASH $$ was a big Part of responsibility as well as Member / Customer Service. I started working at 15 years old, n I've always dealt with Zero Mistakes / Errors made, when it came the end of the day to Prove Out / Count Drawer Down. Bonded in 2 states, NY and FL. Thank you for your time, it is appreciated. KATHLEEN Uzzo Less

East N.Y. Savings Bank, Mid Town Location:NYC., Lead / Head Teller. Citibank: World Trade Center and Queens, NYC., 2x different locations. NYC. Less

Mention any cashiering jobs or cash office jobs and be specific with how much money you handled on average. You will also be asked if you were solely accountable for your drawer/safe. Less

SunTrust Robinson Humphrey

What is the effect of $10 of depreciation on the three accounting statements?

1 Answers

Income Statement: Because depreciation is an expense, Operating income (EBIT) decreases by $10. Net income also declines by EBIT*(1-tax rate). Assuming a 35% tax rate, NI decreases by $6.50. Balance Sheet: Cumulative depreciation increase $10, so PP&E (Plant Property and Equipment) decreases by $10). The reduction in net income also causes a Reduction in Retained Earnings by $6.50. Cashflow Statement: Net income decreased by $6.50 and D&A increased $10, cashflow from operations increases by $3.50. Less


Could you walk me through the cash flows statement? What are some items that would be found under each heading?

1 Answers

The cash flows statement shows cash flows from operating, investing and financing activities. In the operating activities area, for example, you would add back depreciation expense to net income (since no cash has actually left your firm). Investing activities could include money from sales of land, and financing could include receiving cash from a loan, or giving out dividends to shareholders. Less


If BMO offers you a better salary tomorrow will you accept their offer

3 Answers

No I will stay with the team that chose me


talk about the context and what other benefits BMO is giving

Lloyds Banking Group

Putting the customer first is at the heart of what we do. How will you champion this in your role and ensure that others do the same?

3 Answers

Hi Peter, how did you find your Assessment Centre? I have one with Lloyds upcoming in the next few weeks and would greatly appreciate any insight/advice you would have in regards to the 1:1 interview and/or micro exercises/VR exercise? Thank you in advance for your time! Less

How long did it take you to hear back after the AC?

Hi my friends I hope I am not disturbing you! I apply for the Graduate Scheme and will have an AC with Lloyds in a week. I am quited confused with the 4 micro exercises and Virtual Reality exercise, could you please share me some experience in little more detail about these two parts? Thank you for your time! Less

MCB Bank

What would you do if some illiterate person come to you for banking service and ask in rough way?

2 Answers

In simplest and easiest way, I will introduce banking product. Using comparison examples. Less

Sir, you are sitting here in front of me in suit with tie and holding good position. I ll treat that illiterate person as I am treating you right now. I ll talk to him in same language in which he/she would be talking after reading his/her psyche. Less


What are your short term/long term career goals?

2 Answers

enter into banking industry ,and do all certification to be PFP

Whatever you choose, be specific and align the goals with the current position you are applying for. Less

what is you greatest work challenge

2 Answers

working with stubborn clients and still staying calm

Having an unclear JD


describe a situation where u felt particulary effective in establish a business relattionship with someone/

1 Answers

this is the question i felt most difficult


Nothing so difficult.

2 Answers

I will join immediately

Once i met Omkar

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