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Write an SQL statement to join 2 tables together

1 Answer

The answer depends on the DB schema, but the gist of it is, if you have TableA with columns C1, C2, and C3 and TableB with columns C4, C5, and C6, and you want to make sure that your join returns only the rows where the values in TableA.C3 are equal to the values in TableB.C5, then the join will look like this: SELECT * FROM TableA JOIN TableB ON (TableA.C3 = TableB.C5); That's about as generic as it can be, There are several different kinds of joins and syntaxes, but this is the idea.

Strengths and Weakness

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During the interview, they asked about what I had done in previous positions and then, following that description, they asked about what was involved on a deeper level and about the background of the situation, requirements and challenges.

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Did you just graduate college? We are looking to mold people to work "The Prometheus Way."

Case Interview #2 This case is about contest sizing. Essentially, DraftKings has to provide a prize pool guarantee upfront, and thus needs to get as close to maxing out a tournament as possible without undersizing (as to lose out on demand). Work through the proper sizing of a new tournament offering.

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Phone Interview #2 You are playing a game of baseball. There are two outs in the bottom of the ninth, and you are down by one run. You are currently a baserunner on first base. [Obviously, you must score or else the game ends]. A)You are trying to figure out if you should steal second base or not. What kind of information do you need to know to inform this decision? B) Every batter in your lineup has identical odds.They get a single 50% of the time and they strike out 50% of the time. If you are on first base, you cannot score on a single. If you are on second, you are guaranteed to score on a single. You successfully steal 75% of the time. Should you steal? [I may be missing some of the nonsense here, but this is all the relevant information] C) It turns out the pitcher acts a bit differently with a runner on second [regardless of who the batter is] and no other runners on base. Under these circumstances, he is 50% to strike them out, 40% to surrender a walk, and 10% to surrender a hit. How does this change things/ should you steal?

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How would you estimate the size of the Gastric bypass surgery market?

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Case Interview #1 The first case is about running an amusement park. You outsource the running of the park to a company you pay a flat fee (so just ignore that going forward). You erect a new rollercoaster and notice that your total revenue has now gone down (the rollercoaster is paid for with equity) and you have to figure out how. There are some fixed things provided such as: Revenue comes through tickets purchased, restaurants, games, food vendors A 5% coupon is offered when you make your first in-park purchase after the ticket and can be used on any later purchase that day You have data tracking on most things, but have lost all $ values of receipts from restaurants, vendors, games, etc. Tickets are half price after 4 pm. Create an analysis to determine why revenue has fallen.

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