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Which is better: someone who tries their hardest or someone who gets it done at any cost?

2 Answers

Say the any cost option. The position is a sales position. I said trying your hardest and he told me a 5 minute story of how wrong I was.

Be aware! This is a 'trick question'. TRYING is not DOING...and 'at any cost' doesnt make sense in the business world. No matter how you respond, the interviewer will give you a 5 minute story about how wrong you are, just so they can see your reaction and how you handle rejection or objections. Theres no right anwer. ugh!

What makes you a good salesperson?

1 Answer

Which of these two year-end scenarios would you prefer? A $10,000 bonus as the worst performer in your department or a $5,000 bonus as the best performer in your department.

1 Answer

What is your ideal job?

1 Answer

Upon reviewing my background, the HR person at SADA asked a few questions that related to the requirements of the position like my familiarity with the company's focus, services provided by them and the technology they supported to their customers.

1 Answer

Prepare a two minutes presentation in five minutes on why you are the best sales person in the room.

1 Answer

All of the questions were unexpected, narrow and completely useless for really determining the quality of a candidate.

1 Answer

What fuels your competitive drive?

1 Answer

What about this job would make you excited to come to work every day?

1 Answer

Give me an example of a problem dealt with at past employer and how you overcame it.

1 Answer
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