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How would you overcome a client's dissappointment if the products and services you were to offer did not meet their expectations and did not want to pay for products or services rendered?

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I was not expecting that kind of question. I answered by saying the customer is always right, I would recommend additional services for free and encourage the client to commit to using VMS another time before utilizing a competitor.

I would refer the consumer back to the marketing or sales department.

It is incumbent on the sales rep to understand and communicate what the products can accomplish. If you are out over your skis on promises, you have to live with this loss. My best relationships are being honest and tell the customer that this and that are not ready yet. As far as paying for the product or services, if the contract was understood there would be a small window to cure the problem(this is where you can build a great relationship with customer)or bring in your Director of Product to discuss. Customers who have made the decision to go with your company do not want to rip it out after 30 days. Tough to answer, some sales take 60 days and some 18 months so. Shorter sales cycles the possibility of let down could be greater. Companies today are analyzing the heck out of product services and promises. If you know the product and know the customer it usually doesn’t get this bad...

What would I do on the job in my first 90-180 days?

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discuss sales cycle-how fast can you deliver=

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What I liked about what I do

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Are you willing to work 8-10 hours a day as an Independent Contractor and be solely devoted to DirectiveGroup?

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How many balls can you keep in the air at the same time?

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What's the "next big" market area or venture MSFT should get into? And why?

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What fuels your competitive drive?

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Wanted me to interview one of them to ask pertinent questions. Also wanted to make sure I would feel comfortable moving from a global very large corporation to a significantly smaller one.

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What is your sales style?

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