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Business Development Executive Interview Questions

"As a business development executive, you will be the lead sales professional in your company who is responsible for developing ways to access untapped markets, acquire new customers, and expand the reach of your business. You can expect to be interviewed on your ability to think of creative ways to access new customers, willingness to travel far and frequently, and your experience in sales, marketing, and customer service. Prepare to be given scenarios where you have to explain how you would develop new ways to reach different consumer demographics."

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Tell me about yourself?

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I told them about my sales career and what influences me to push myself.

They ask you if you know about Direct vs Indirect marketing (they don't care if you know the answer or not), they ask if you have heard of a few companies they "work with", they ask if you know the best way to sell for those companies.

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How has your past job experience prepared for a sales job?

What would you say is your most valuable trait?

What motivates you?

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GD : Trump is president of USA.He is good for india or not

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Are you a hunter or farmer because if your a farmer you can leave

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How many accounts can you bring us in 60 days

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Can you submit to me an email that shows how you would approach a prospect.

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