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Carnow, Conibear & Associates
Manager of Business Development was asked...September 27, 2014

What would you do to grow our business. How would someone know this if they were not from that industry.

3 Answers

The COO or what ever he's calling himself was a joke. He knew very little of the business and wanted everyone out of the firm that realized he was an insecure buffoon. The owner needed a son more than a leader. Less

Out of the box thinking ideas come to people who are not from that business. Also the ideas that worked in other industries that we can use here. Less

I would examine your 80/20 and profit margins and make determinations of where we were wasting our time and focus on the 80/20. The COO could not tell me event when I was hired what these were and he labeled himself as a numbers guy. What a joke. Less


Tell me about a time you used analysis to make a business-critical decision. Walk me through the analysis and outcome.

2 Answers

So is this a kind of Leadership Principle questions? Thank you for sharing your experience. Wondering have you tried Rooftop Slushie for your interview prep? I saw some posts similar with your experience - which are really useful for me so far. Less

I analyzed the output of all the machines on our factory sales floor and determined what the bottleneck machines were. I put in a request to purchase more of the bottleneck machines. The new machines alleviated the bottleneck in production, drastically speeding up the total output of the factory in the process. Less

Cisco Systems

What markets do you think Cisco should get into and why?

2 Answers

Webex: extend product and bring out a competing product for zoom, whatsApp. They have the technology, just need a data-center to support that free app scale. It will double their stock in 1-2 years. Less

Cisco is already touching the SMB and consumer segment, esp. with its managed services. Public TelePresence at a low enough price would be extremely attractive to consumers in less developed areas. With Cisco's experience in using games to promote its products, offering game hosting as a managed service is not such a big leap. Less

One thing they asked me was: Did you think you could successfully market and sale the service to the target market , within which the company operates ?

1 Answers

Based on my previous work experience and confidence in my ability to accomplish the task that lie ahead, I simply answered "Of Course." Less

How willingly are you to travel owing to the fact that I hadn't travelled much.

1 Answers

Yes I would try to make myself flexible for travelling


Describe your experience in selling solutions versus products? How are they different and how would you place your experience in this conversation?

Palantir Technologies

Given a fleet of 50 trucks, each with a full fuel tank and a range of 100 miles, how far can you deliver a payload? You can transfer the payload from truck to truck, and you can transfer fuel from truck to truck. Extend your answer for n trucks.

23 Answers

The answer is 450 miles. it is the sum for n=1 to 50 of [ 100 / (50-n) ] After 2 miles you would transfer all of the fuel from one truck, and could fill all 49 of the other trucks. (100mile range / 50 trucks = 2 miles before the first truck could be emptied of all fuel and is not needed to carry any fuel) at that point you only have 49 trucks, so 100/49 is the distance before you park the second truck. After parking 49 trucks you would have one full truck of fuel that would finish the last 100 miles. General solution for X trucks with Y range is Sum for n=1toX of [Y / (x-n)] Less

This is a straightforward programming problem. Clever solutions such as allowing the other trucks to refuel and allowing other trucks to tow extra trucks full of fuel rarely impress the interviewer. The simplest solution involves recursion, or induction. Imagine a function f(n) where f(n) is the distance n trucks can carry the load, the problem defines f(1)=100, and we're asked to solve for f(50), so our job is to solve for f(n) in terms of f(n-1), f(1) and n. It's safe to assume each truck, including the fully loaded truck will travel the same distance and that fuel is used uniformly over the distance. So with n trucks, the trucks should travel just far enough that n-1 trucks have room in their tanks for the nth truck's fuel, then transfer an solve for n-1. This equation is f(n) = f(1)/(n) + f(n-1) (All perl vs python vs ruby/etc wars aside) Plugging this into a simple scripting language such as perl is an easy way to solve this: sub f{ my $n = shift; return 100 if($n == 1); return f(1)/($n) + f($n-1); } print "50: " . f(50) . "\n";' On the command line, this gives a quick answer: > perl -e 'sub f{ my $n = shift; return 100 if($n==1); return f(1)/($n) + f($n-1);} print "50: " . f(50) . "\n";' 50: 449.920533832942 Approximately 449.92 miles with 50 trucks. The recursive subroutine above will suffice as a general solution in terms of n. Less

So 50 trucks is solvable but annoying. The answer depends on payload size, also if the truck needs to return. If we assume no return and 1 truck can carry the payload. Make the number of trucks 64 for even powers of 2. The trucks all take off together and every 50 miles they all have half full tanks. Half of the trucks are sacrificed to refill the other half. Number of trucks goes from 64 -> 32 -> 16 -> 8 ->4 ->2 -> 1. So 6 splits * 50 miles = 300 + last truck has 100 miles. 400 for 64 trucks. 50 can be solved with annoying fractions. General answer is 50 * log(base2) of n + 100. :-) Less

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You have technical knowledge so why are you applying for sales and marketing?

16 Answers

Technical knowledge helps me to think technically like to think over any new idea, it provides me a creative ideology by which i can help in growth of company, and with the help of sales and marketing I can spread it. Less

It's an in-built skill that i have and i am confident than i will achieve better success in sales than any other fields. Less

Sales and Marketing form the base of any company. From the most expensive product developed to the smallest experimental products, everything high or low needs marketing to reach the clients and customers. Marketing is the base core and I want to be a part of that core in developing the company, embracing myself with knowledge for mine and the company's growth. Less

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Jaro Education

How do you sell new brand of packaging water?

15 Answers

I sell the new brand of packaging water by introducing the brand to the customer to make them sure that the quality is good. The water is purified by all distillation or purification process and also a good quality plastic bottle is used.. Less

I sell the new brand of packaging water by introducing the brand to the customer to make them sure that the quality is good. The water is purified by all distillation or purification process and also a good quality plastic bottle is used or convince with some other facts. Less

i said most of the people are buying this product, why they do not buy because its price is low and people are getting purify water but there are some people who do not know the quality of this product it is not costly so they are thinking that it is not good but i will provide you this for free of cost if you feel this is good please purchase it again if not next week i will come back to you .you can give back to me. Less

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Why sales after b. Tech

12 Answers

Engineer's are used to solving problems, troubleshooting. My confidence and quick decision making ability can boost the performance of the company.we can understand the customer views and find the respective solutions. Less

Engineers are well know about the product in an technical way & they can easily rectify if any fault occur in that product.So,we know about how to sales & service Less

I feel that a person can excel in that particular work in which he/she has his/her interest and the respective qualities. Hence being an engineering student my interest and my best qualities are not in technical fields and coding and all..I have much more qualities and interest in this marketing and sales I want to take the advantage of these things and excel in this field by comfortably putting all my efforts. Less

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