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Would you rather be on the left side of this money model or the right side?

4 Answers

I answered it how he was guiding me to answer it - but really I just want a legitimate job where I don't have to scheme people into making my money. You can have a real career without doing that.

You just passed up a great business opportunity and for some reason failed to understand that the SEC and state insurance departments do not license pyramid schemes!

You do realize that at a JOB your boss makes money off you, too, right? So in theory, wouldn't you have to consider that a "pyramid"? It's really unfortunate that someone who wants to be taken seriously by employers makes such an uneducated post. Not only would the state and federal government not license people in a pyramid scheme, the NY Stock Exchange wouldn't back us when we went public. My father was a Sr. Vice President with Primerica and if he didn't make the decision to leave his job that he had for 19 years, our family would be shattered today. Stop looking at the negative and maybe see the opportunity you have to either make a career out of helping families full time OR part time. Jobs are NOT guaranteed nor are they "secure". Have you ever been laid off? I have - numerous times because I thought the way you did. But thank God I got licensed and trained with Primerica so I had something to fall back on. I recommend that you really open your mind and stop being a sheep to the man.

Why are you into sales?

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How would you sell a Groupon to a merchant worried about discounting prices and "discounting their brand"

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What is BANT?

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In your own words, what is SaaS?

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I was asked about my level of comfort with cold calling, closing ratios, and having sales goals.

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What was the last argument that you and your wife had and who won it?

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What would you do with a $40,000 investment to start a company

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What do you know about Belkin?

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What is one thing you do not enjoy doing, but continue to do? Why do you choose to continue?

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