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Standard tell me about yourself. What was a sale you were most proud of and why?

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Answer that and any other question with confidence.

Tell me about a time when you had to handle a conflicting situation.

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What are you?....a chicken or a pig?

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Why are you leaving your current position or company? Why are you interested in IBM and specifically this position? Why do you think you will be successful and happy in this company and position? .

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They asked how I was with contacting customers and engaging people.

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East questions they want hunters and a good knowledge of salesfore

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How can your contribution(s) positively impact the quality of the Vocera products & services? Do you have a passion for healthcare and/or improving a patient's experience? Do you feel the products/services we discussed today would have a positive impact on the care given to patients and what more can you contribute to elevate that positive impact?

Typical questions - you should have an understanding of what they do and be prepared to explain how your experience/education can be connected to being successful in the role.