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What's the most recent book you've read?

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I admitted I prefer fiction, but have recently been reading a book called Gemba Kaizen. Six Sigma and the various related methodologies are really important in larger organizations, and reading up on them will help you understand the larger picture within the organization. You may not see the effects in the position you accept, but you will eventually.

What is the salary (range) for a Business Generalist at McMaster-Carr?

There were no difficult questions. Don't get frazzled trying to find a moment where you can actually speak.

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Did you graduate with your Bachelor's and Master's in the same year?

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How many people do you think possess good communication skills?

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Why do we organize our shipping floor as its setup?

How you use research to resolve conflict or issues

Very situational questions and they would build more questions off their question: tell me about a time you had to do benefit enrollments for the first time? how did it go? what would you do differently looking back now?

When was a time you were rushed to make a decision and you ended up making the wrong one?

Describe for me a time when you have come across questionable business practices; how did you handle the situation?

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