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Business Intelligence Manager Interview Questions

"Employers are looking for business intelligence managers with advanced problem-solving and analytical skills, in-depth knowledge of industry practices, and sufficient leadership experience to utilize data to provide solutions for business strategies to the company. When interviewing for this position, you may be asked about your experience with prior leadership positions, understanding of data management software, and knowledge of the industry you will be working in."

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The typical "difficult" question that comes up in Business Intelligence is (and I'm paraphrasing), "What's the best data warehouse solution?".

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It's a great question but analogous to asking, "What's the best house or the best car?". The answer depends on several factors. I'd start with requirements and budget and discuss what is possible within those parameters. If you watch "Property Virgins" on HGTV, the educational process is similar, as are the "buyers" perceptions.

What my feelings were about sub-prime lending.

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The SAP contractors were most interested in knowing what is my opinion about their in-memory analysis product SAP HANA. There were no questions to assess my managerial capabilities rather the two junior people with Indian origin only focused on technical items such as the Business Objects software version I used, how long before.

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After so many years at your previous employer, why do you want to leave and start all over on building your network?

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There were a few interesting questions on database architecture but the ONE BIG question I have is with all the money, resources, and time these guys have put into advanced decision support systems, why are they not more successful? If I had half the systems these guys had in my last 2 jobs, I would have been a business rock star. My only conclusion is that it is all about not rocking the boat at and pure paralysis by analysis......

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You're playing a game with a friend where some third party flips a fair coin. You can choose a sequence of either Heads, Heads, Tails or Heads, Tails, Heads. Your friend gets the remaining sequence. Whoever's sequence occurs first wins. Which do you pick?

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Draw the full architecture of the BI solution you worked on.

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Business case with Marco was something out of an MBA in Operations; I have no idea what that case study had to do with being able to manage and direct a group of technologists and business intelligence, but apparently Marco did.... He seemed to be proud of the fact that if candidates could not get past his little case study, that there was little chance you would be employed by Vistaprint.....

There were not a lot of questions, really it was more them telling me about the role, group, etc.

How would I go about developing strategy for an organization based on my background.

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