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How would you deal with a stakeholder who was insisting that a complex process would be the ideal solution to an existing problem?

6 Answers

I would explain to the stakeholder that the purpose of the Business Requirements elicitation meeting was designed to identify the business need not to design the solution.

Great answer and exactly right!


How do you give about giving a presentation without preparation or knowledge of the subject?

5 Answers

What markets do you think Cisco should get into and why?

1 Answer

What is the difference between a functional requirement and a system requirement?

1 Answer

How would you perform an application upgrade?

1 Answer

50,000 shoppers with a 0.5% conversion rate for a chair that costs $250. Wayfair makes a 27% profit. Next, 50,000 shoppers will get a 10% discount. What is the conversion rate they must achieve to achieve the same profits as before?

9 Answers

Describe the different parts of an SQL statement

1 Answer

Tell me about your sales approach to a client who has stated that they don't like EMC...

1 Answer

Tell me a time when you had to influence clients to follow a different course of action.

1 Answer

How willingly are you to travel owing to the fact that I hadn't travelled much.

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