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Very detailed and situation guestions

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They gave me a business case for a new product

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Express in your own words and in essay form, why you believe your skills, training and experience qualify you for a position at Michelin and why you feel you would be successful. Also describe your short and long term goals.

After my interview I was sent a 100 question personality test and a pretty challenging logical test. The logical test was just shapes and patterns and you have to figure out the sequence. They did not notify us at all that we would have to do take those tests.

Mostly just questions regarding the resume and past experiences. Some behavioral questions. Nothing really technical. They were looking to just hire smart people instead of testing how good my memory was in recalling technical details on the spot.

There was nothing unexpected or difficult, mostly discussed my specific background and the proposed role, the current state at Visa (this was a new position), and how I might fit. They spent more time selling me the job than I had to sell actually myself. I was very surprised that the negotiation process went as it did; they stated repeatedly that they base compensation on the local market as opposed to the actual value the candidate may bring, and in the case of relocation candidates they do not do any cost of living adjustments.

Why are you interested in the job?

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