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Why should we pick you?

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Why shouldn't you? I have the KSAs to do it, I'm self motivated, and I'll bring the average age of the office down at least 20 years!

Standard background/experience discussions

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What types of contracts were sold

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Inconsistent expectations across stakeholders interviewing - that was consistent with the role and the experience of the stakeholders with the predecessor in that role.

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First Interview. Written questions 1. Describe your most successful project as it relates to delivering results for your business partners. 2. What has been your largest span of control (revenue of the business)? Please describe the business you supported and the value you brought to the leaders. 3. Who did you interact with most frequently? 4. What was the highest level leader you interacted with? 5. Can you think of a recent problem in which old solutions wouldn’t work? 6. Have you ever had a business partner or manager challenge your behavior? How did you manage that? Second Interview. Video recording. 5 questions. 30 seconds to read question. Max of 3 minutes to respond. Can take a break between questions 1. What was favorite movie? 2, What type of team player are you? 3, The role requires you to have a deep understanding of components of the business strategy while continuously evaluating the changing need of the business and functions. Tell me about a time when you have been successful 4 How to you communicate with senior leaders? 5. Tell me about your experience with the IT Strategic Planning Process.

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- How will you approach a disagreement as a facilitator to two business groups and make things happen - How many dollars in budget have you managed - Have you dealt with the executives at the C-level - What are the skills that you think that are needed to do this job - Describe a time when ...(type of redundant questions...) - Have you ever worked for large organizations? - Have you worked for startups - Why do you want this job? - Why are you making a change? - Have you ever communicated bad news to the executive level? If so how... - And the last one takes the cake.... " Well if you have done all this, why would you need 'this ' job' ( Very funny)

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What certifications do you have? ITIL? Six Sigma? What is your background with PEGA, AGILE, etc.

What methods do you plan to use to make your goals? How would you know if a business client is a good candidate for a business loan. How did you determine that? Tell me how you would spread numbers for a loan to determine that a client is able to afford a loan..

Where do you see yourself in 3 years time with the company?

Be prepared to respond to behavior type questions. Example, have you ever been confronted by an angry customer? How did you respond? What did you do to resolve the situation? What was the final outcome

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