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Excel Test - Comparison of loan data between two different months then summarize the findings. SQL - Basic sql question related to joins.

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Standard Deviation in Excel

How would you handle an annoying co-worker who won't get back to you with information you need to do your job?

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They were particularly keen on interpreting the meaning behind the resume, including separating any potential b.s. from the factual value. One theme that was clear with all of them- while of course giving great answers, it's also key to show confident humility; humblebragging will not work well with most of these guys, as everyone in the room is sharp and accomplished.

Did you work with Mainframe's Datacom/DB and IDEAL?

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How good are you with multitasking, hard deadlines, toxic colleagues etc?

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Tell us about a time where you excelled in a project. Weather school or work

How would you rate your Excel skills?

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