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Why do I think this would be a good position for me?

2 Answers

I told him that I was self motivated, and a self starter.

because i have all the qualifications and experiences outlined on the job desciption ( ouline all your experience and make sure it is in line with the qualifications) eg i deliver what i promise etc

What do I want from the company?

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THE DISHONESTY: I had trouble with the online assessment's web platform and communicated that to the recruiter via email requesting further assistance. A full day went by with no response from her so I called. To my bewilderment, her demeanor was now completely different over the phone. She offered no advice as to the tech issue, simply saying it had to be done- then surprised me by saying there was no training date forthcoming and that she was continuing to recruit and interview for the position. When I asked for further clarification, she acted as if she had no idea why there would be a disconnect between being specifically hired followed by this ensuing vagueness and reiterated the necessity for the online assessment. I completed this requirement immediately and notified her as such again via email. Again a full day went by with no communication. As it was now Friday and I had been initially told there was a chance they wanted me to train on Monday, I called again that afternoon. This time the recruiter told me that yes, she had received the assessment, there was no training date pending, and that the position was not even considered filled! I then referenced the hiring managers' verbatim offer and her confirmation of said offer along with all the hiring materials and background consent she took from me, politely requesting for the hiring managers' direct contact info so I could get clear on what was going on. She declined to provide me his info saying she would send him an email herself asking him to "reach out" to me and the they would contact me whenever they had a decision. A full week went by with no communication from anyone with Alorica. At the end of that week I went into the office in person requesting the hiring manager. Instead of the man who hired me, I was sent the recruiter (clearly stonewalling me for some purpose that by then was seeming very shady) along with a different manager that I knew from my independent research had nothing to do with the department for which I had been told I was hired. They were unapologetic and neglected to acknowledge any failing on their part as to what had happened, simply saying there was no final decision yet. They had no explanation for why I had been specifically offered the position and accepted it, along with being conned into giving out personal information I reserve only for occasions when I am a confirmed candidate for hire. They also mentioned that IF I were selected (even though I had already been selected!) there would be still more assessments before anything was even finalized to start paying me for being there. I had to push for a time frame as they offered none, to which they said it would be yet another full week.

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This interview quickly revealed that this company wants young, inexperienced sprinters that want to prove themselves and be the star. They want people to do this over and over again with high quotas, unprotected territories with more than a dozen reps, and when you get burned out, you're done HR explained that this job has very high turnover because people think they can manage but can't and they are terminated. Questions: Won't it be difficult to volunteer, manage your family and work 40+ hours a week? You know this is an exempt position, right? What was a time you took someone at face value? Do you prefer to work in a changing environment or more consistent? Tell me about a time you used logic when others around you were basing a decision on subjective matters. Did you have a sales matrix in your last job? Are you a hunter or a farmer? When was a time you failed and what did you do? Tell me about a time you had to consider the emotions of another person when you were making a difficult decision. Do you make decisions more on logic or feelings? Why did you leave your last employer or would you have been happy staying there?

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What sale were you the most proud of?

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If they like you, they may play a game where the interviewer may make you believe that they are not sure about hiring you. The interviewer will then talk to you about your salary history, and try to low ball you.

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Why should we hire you out of all our applicants?

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They ask what the word sales means to you.

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Questions are very personality & behavior-based, and are mostly "Tell me about a time..." "How have you handled..."

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Nothing is difficult, they just try to get a read out of you , if you're able to deal with their business model

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