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Cable, Internet & Telephone Providers interview questions

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Suppose you are working on a project with an original scope of a few months and you are told that you instead now have a few days -- how would you handle it?

5 Answers

Assuming the scope reduction is feasible, I would toss out everything except the highest priority deliverable.

As long as the project is on track and I am in day >55, I'd say; " No issue."

I would say evaluate the overall impacts and risks then communicate it with your sponsor (customer). Let he/she to decide then document it.

When you experienced a tough customer, how did you handle him or her?

4 Answers

How will you show value to the clients for a training goal that comes from corporate that they may not see any value in? How do you get their buy-in?

1 Answer

How would you handle a system outage?

2 Answers

What port do you change for email? What is the difference between a private and public ip address? How would you handle an irate customer. When is a time you went above and beyond for a customer.

1 Answer

I was asked how do I deliver a "no" to the customer when they are expecting and demanding a "yes" answer.

1 Answer

sell me this pen. And what's your biggest weakness?

1 Answer

Explain the difference between MS Visio and IBM Rational Modeler (formerly called Rational Rose) ?

1 Answer

I was taken into another room with a phone where the manager "called" me and I was told to role play and try to sell TDS products. It was very difficult because I didn't know the products and basically had to just make stuff up. They also expect you to know top down selling

1 Answer

What are some of the things you might consider when designing a database?

2 Answers
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