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Explain how the systems in your research interacted.

tell me about yourself, about innovations, collaboration, safety, time management and basic CAD

Talk about your CAD experience. How do you go about figuring out what you don't already know?

They asked about drugs and drinking and they said they have a zero tolerance policy for it and he clearly hated pot smokers in particular and wanted nothing to do with them. Because of the high end clients they asked a lot of questions about luxury furnishings, products, travel, etc. They also asked obscure questions about art and both American and world history. They gave a design challenge right then and there and asked me to solve it in the manner I thought best and proceeded to watch my process of working through the design process. It was a very unexpected interview and it was intimidating as well as broad in it's scope. About 70% of it was not about CAD or work itself but about me and how I thought about and what I knew about a wide range of topics that were both industry related and heavily related all aspects of luxury culture. If you are not well read and well traveled on top of being extremely proficient and talented in the position you were applying for, I doubt you would make the cut with this guy.

What is the longest commute time you will tolerate?

Very friendly, It was more as chat than interview

How familiar are you with sheet metal design...?

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