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CAD Drafter was asked...February 5, 2019

can you use solidworks?

3 Answers

no but i can learn it


Yes,i can do solid work.

CG Visions

What is the standard width of a hallway in a house?

1 Answers

3' drywall to drywall

what is the experience with CAD programs?

1 Answers

Need to have experience with Soliworks, or pass a course before hiring, and then make a test drawing for company Less

Angelo Ng & Anthony Ng Architects Studio
CAD Drafter was asked...February 12, 2021

why you leave ex firm

1 Answers

visa expired


about job

1 Answers

about my experience

Makati Development

Educational background, what is your experience,

1 Answers

Bs arch, 1 year of experience in drafting

KMB Design Group

Do you know what redlines are and how to pick them up.

1 Answers

Do you mean how to make changes to a drawing when someone asks you to?

CAD Drafter was asked...October 10, 2019

Asked about my work commitment and how long I wanted to work there.

1 Answers

That it depended on how much growth was available in the company.

Rainbow Design Services
CAD Drafter was asked...November 26, 2019

Once they showed me a map, they asked if it was something that I would be interested in doing.

1 Answers

I said it sounds interesting and I was eager to get the job.

Custom Control Sensors

What type of CAD experience if any do you have? Have you used AUTOCAD before?

1 Answers

I have not worked with AUTOCAD before but I have experience with solidworks 3D modeling and have heard that AUTOCAD is very similar so learning it will not be too difficult. Less

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