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What is the highest floor you can drop an egg from without it cracking?

3 Answers

1000 if you put a parachute on it !

Any floor.... Because an egg can't crack floor.

If you have one egg start dropping the egg from the first floor. On whatever floor it breaks, is your answer. That is linear seach. If you have multiple eggs first drop the egg from middle of the building and check to see if it breaks, if it doesn't go Up otherwise go down and repeat the process. It's a binary seach.

Operating Management Test Battery

2 Answers

3:8 Decoder using single line of verilog code

2 Answers

how much experience u had before in using catia?

1 Answer

What is controlled impedance?

1 Answer

How much experience do you have with CAD systems?

1 Answer

Transistor pseudo logic questions. I wont say it is difficult. I just wasnt used to it.

1 Answer

What is antenna effect?

1 Answer

be prepared to show past work and experience

1 Answer

Questions related to transistor characterization

2 Answers

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