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Do you have experience on the register?

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How did you handle a tough situation?m Example?

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They made a lot of fuss about me having a degree, and assumed that I was going to be arrogant or pushy about things because of it. They asked over and over again what my experience in food services/customer service actually was, when it was clearly demonstrated on my resume with 3 different positions spanning a total of 6 years. Even after I finished describing my experience, they still would not let go of why someone with a degree was seeking a part-time job in their store, and told me flat out that my "education would not get me a raise", which is something I never brought up!

What was a time that you had multiple tasks to do, and how did you handle it?

What would you do if a customer can't decide what he wants?

If you made a mistake, how would you react?

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What's the last book you read? What would you do if you found yourself with free time on the job? Tell me about your education experience. What would you do with an upset customer?

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Tell us about a time you had to deal with two difficult situations at the same time.

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