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Advanced Call Center Technologies Interviews /  HQ: Berwyn

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Windy City Call Center Interviews /  HQ: Arlington Heights

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Call Center QA Interviews /  HQ: Boston

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call center Interview Questions

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How would you style a clothing rack?

3 Answers

By color, style, season. tops in front of bottoms, put things on rack that can be worn together.

i would put the print in the middle followed by light in front then dark etc, color blocking. jackts first, tanks, button up, cardis, ts pants in the back.

My OCD kicks in moments like this; definitely by color, patterns and size

Where do you get your style inspiration?

3 Answers

merchandise a fixture.. tell me your story behind it ?

2 Answers

(1:1 Hiring Mgr) What is the extent of your cash handling experience?

3 Answers

conflict customer service question. Give a time where you disagreed with a customer, where they escalated the problem or concern. What was the conflict? How did you resolve the solution? What could you have done better?

1 Answer

Explain a situation where you had to navigate a difficult political landscape.

3 Answers

Tell me 2 things on the floor, visually, that can be improved on

1 Answer

What are your strengths and weakness.

2 Answers

I was given a piece of clothing (I think it was a cardigan) and was asked to assume that I was on a call with a customer, and I had to describe the cardigan.

1 Answer

What trends in career counseling am I aware of?

1 Answer
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