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Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Camp Counselor was asked...November 23, 2018

They asked situation based questions like what would you do if a kid came up to you crying and the child said it was because another camper hit him.

3 Answers

In those situations I talk to each kid separately to find out what happened. If the hitting was an accident I make the kid be specific in apologizing about the hitting and what they will do differently next time. If the hitting was intentional, I make the kid apologize being specific about the hitting and enforce a consequence and ask why they have a consequence. This would entail sitting out for 5 minutes Less

I talk to the kid whom the complaint was about and ask why. If it was accidental I acknowledge it and have them apologize. If it's intentional there's a consequence and I have the kid apologize Less

I used personal experience from working in other camps

Columbia Association

What sort of games would you play with your group of campers when there is down time while you are waiting for the van to come?

2 Answers

Telephone game, 7 up game, etc


UNC Greensboro
Camp Counselor was asked...September 15, 2014

What age group do you find most fascinating?

2 Answers

Middle school girls, I was one of them and I still can't understand what goes on in their heads! Less

Primary school

The most difficult question was a scenario question that had to do with multiple children being hurt and how I would handle the situation.

1 Answers

Call 911 immediately (if needed). Assess the scene for any biological, environmental, and human hazard, utilize proper personal protective equipment. Then try to determine what caused the injury. Number of victims. Call nearby counselors as needed. Determine the most injured patient. If suspected back or neck injury do not move. If they're conscious with no neck or spinal injury perform a patient assessment. If they're unconscious but breathing, secure the airway. If not conscious and not breathing perform your CPR duties until 911 arrives. Less

what would you do if you saw a child disrespecting or fighting with another child?

1 Answers

I would separate the two, speak with both about how they felt, etc. ensure that when the conversations are over that both parties feel heard and respected. Less

Different ways I would handle different situations involving children.

1 Answers

Honest answers on how I would handle these situations

How are you going to be a memorable counselor for these girls?

1 Answers

I want to be the kind of person my counselors were for me, someone to talk to, laugh with, etc Less

Saratoga Springs

Do you like working with kids?

1 Answers


JCC Association

What would you do if you lost camper?

1 Answers

Go straight to unit heads

JCC Association

What is your greatest fear?

1 Answers

Not being able to save a child

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