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They asked situation based questions like what would you do if a kid came up to you crying and the child said it was because another camper hit him.

3 Answers

I used personal experience from working in other camps

In those situations I talk to each kid separately to find out what happened. If the hitting was an accident I make the kid be specific in apologizing about the hitting and what they will do differently next time. If the hitting was intentional, I make the kid apologize being specific about the hitting and enforce a consequence and ask why they have a consequence. This would entail sitting out for 5 minutes

I talk to the kid whom the complaint was about and ask why. If it was accidental I acknowledge it and have them apologize. If it's intentional there's a consequence and I have the kid apologize

What sort of games would you play with your group of campers when there is down time while you are waiting for the van to come?

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How would you handle a child who doesn't want to listen?

1 Answer

What's your favorite ice cream?

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Do you like working with kids?

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Explain your previous history that correlates with customer service?

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What is your greatest fear?

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What would you do if you lost camper?

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Asked to create a short lesson plan while interviewer left the room.

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How are you going to be a memorable counselor for these girls?

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