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If you're given 200 participants to manage, how do you go about working with them?

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Prioritize. The goal of this job is to help your assigned participants raise as much money as possible. You have to determine who has that capacity with a little research and intuition, and prioritize them over the ones who are not as likely to raise - though you also give the lower capacity fundraisers attention and assistance as well.

Most interviewers use the standard questioning available by major corporations and online. In a diverse field as marketing, it is difficult to pinpoint specifics since each day is taken one day at a time. How would you handle this or that situation depends on each particular situation and what is happening at the time. That is my personal opinion.

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What would you do if you had a project due at the end of the day and you needed pieces from team members? How would you go about finishing it?

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Most the questions asked were typical interview questions about your background, your strength and weaknesses, what you want out of the job. I was also asked about a 2 month gap in my resume, and some questions that are asked on Google interviews I suggest looking that over.

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What can you contribute to our company?

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Know how to relate your experience to fundraising, even if you've never done it before.

Why LLS?

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Have you ever fundraiser before or helped someone?

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Why are you interested in advertising?

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