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What is my career passion ?

1 Answer

I candidly explained what I have been doing for the past 20 years and how I would contribute to the company and grow my career as well.

Choose which campaign MoveOn should take on, write the starting point of a campaign plan, write the first correspondence of the campaign.

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"Why don't you go away and think about it some more if you really think this would work, before contacting us again? OK?"

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They mostly asked what kind of politicaissuesse I was interested in.

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The most difficult question - "What would you do for a new product to help create the buzz and following that we see with products like iPhones?"

Describe the following: 1) What is your style for handling difficult clients, and 2) What was the most difficult campaign you've worked on and what did it take to successfully launch it?

Team player or leader. Career accomplishment that is relocatable to the position. Travel expectations. Salary expectations.

How do you feel about working with team members who are passionate, outspoken, blunt, and confrontational with you even if it's uncomfortable or feels like a personal afront?

Which issue do you think MoveOn should develop a campaign around in the next few months of 2019

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