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Questions included: 1) Are my parents divorced? 2) Do my parents have a good relationship? 3) How long have my parents been married to each other? 4) Do my parents donate to AIPAC, and if so, how much do they give annually? (If they did their research in advance, they'd know this before I stepped foot in the building.) 5) Do I have any siblings, and if so, do we get along? 6) When was the last time I cried? 7) Have I ever been to Israel? 8) When was the last time I visited Israel?

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I answered them pretty straight forward. Thank god my parents aren't divorced or I might not have been offered the job! -_-

I interviewed with them as well and got asked questions like this. Not sure if it is native to this department or the whole company.

I was asked by the CEO to tell him my life story, starting when I was a little boy and taking through to the present. Never been asked that before.

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The interview was more conversational which was a benefit.

How do you see yourself fitting in with the diverse culture?

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Tell me a time when you made a mistake in a previous position...what did you do and what was the outcome?

What will you miss the most about your current position?

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Greatest professional or personal achievement.

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