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Executive and Career Coach was asked...October 29, 2019

Why I wanted to be a Coach

1 Answers

Because my career of over 35 years as a senior executive and overall life experience and formal training as a Coach has provided me the strongest foundation. Less

UC San Diego
Career Coach was asked...February 17, 2021

Tell me about yourself as it relates to this position.

1 Answers

I responded using my previous work experience and what my future goals are

General Assembly

What do you know about GA and it’s online learning platforms?

1 Answers

I did research on the company and tied in their mission statement with my response and talked in detail about 2 major online learning platforms they use. Less

The Muse

I had over 6 interviews - they asked my experience, how I would manage coaches, vet coaches, design internal coaching programs --- there was so much information exchanged I may as well have been paid to be a consultant.

1 Answers

I shared my extensive expertise and gave them ideas, told them how I would execute them and such. Less

JVS, San Francisco

If I was working on a deadline project and my boss then gave me a new project with an immediate deadline, what would I do?

1 Answers

I would remind my boss of my current project deadline and confirm priorities.

Korn Ferry
Career Coach was asked...December 10, 2020

What is your experience with creating a full coaching program?

1 Answers

I explained what I had done in the past and how I created my own. But they wanted it to match exactly how they created theirs. Less


More along the lines of checking availability and expectations than a hard interview.

1 Answers

Pretty much affirmed that I could fit into the expectations of the position.

Ivy Tech Community College

Why do you think you're the best candidate?

1 Answers

I described my ability to connect with the students that I would be working with on the caseload, and how my life experiences would play a part in my ability to preform the job duties. Less

National Able Network

How would you motivate students in career coaching?

1 Answers

What can you tell your students about social media?

Washington State Employment Security Department

1. Tell us about your experience engaging, coaching directing, and one-on-one problem solving with customers around job search expectations, personal issues, job keeping skills and managing employer performance expectations. 2. Give an example of a time you were assigned to a project with an ambiguous description, undefined outcomes and that had a demand for services far in excess of the resources at your disposal. How did you approach this project and what were the outcomes. 3. Give an example that demonstrates your ability to work as part of a team to help customers be successful. What techniques do you find useful? 4. Please provide examples of times you have provided customers with guidance and coaching in the accomplishment of job search goals and expectations, provided ongoing feedback and timely suggestions for improvement. 5. What was the most important project or creative solution in your last job and why did you choose this example? How did you measure its success? 6. Describe the most difficult, work related, problem you had to solve. What was the situation and what did you do? Would you do anything differently next time? 7. How do you develop and maintain productive and collaborative relationships with agency and partner staff, customers, community providers and partner agencies? 8. Please describe your experience accessing and interpreting employment and economic data regarding resources, services, community support for customers, education opportunities, benefit programs and training opportunities. 9. Can you and will you work the customary hours, 8-5, which this position requires and are you available to travel to other offices and community partner locations if needed? 10. Can you perform the essential functions of the position with or without a reasonable accommodation? 11. Do you have anything you would like to tell us that you haven't had a chance to mention or do you have any questions for us at this time?

1 Answers

First five questions were centered on the job itself, next three explored candidate's ability to effectively integrate into the work group, next to were HR compliance, last was interactive. I asked for goals for the first 30, 60 and 90 days, reply was first 30 are learning proprietary software and completing state HR requirements, next 30 were focused of learning the actual job, last 30 were meeting and working with TANF recipients in tandem with an experienced employee. Less

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