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I had over 6 interviews - they asked my experience, how I would manage coaches, vet coaches, design internal coaching programs --- there was so much information exchanged I may as well have been paid to be a consultant.

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I shared my extensive expertise and gave them ideas, told them how I would execute them and such.

Situational question: you receive an email from a student that hasn’t started their job search weeks after completing their program. They appear unheard, but are asking for help. How would you respond?

Prepare a presentation on a topic. There are no guidelines. However, you would will receive a series of critiques and then be asked to retract the lesson focusing on those critiques.

How would you describe GA to potential partners?

They stuck to the script of the 'Required Qualifications' section of the job posting and did not ask any additional questions outside of that, except for the salary range requirement.

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What do you think your biggest challenge will be in this position?

Why do you think you're the best candidate?

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