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Career Counselor Interview Questions

"Career counselors very often work with students, returning military veterans, and low-income families with the goal of helping people transition into the workforce. For this reason, employers will be looking for individuals with strong communication skills and the creativity to help people find a personally fulfilling career. A bachelor's degree in counseling is expected for this position."

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"An International student asks to meet with you to discuss searching for Biology internships. In the meeting, you learn that she really dislikes studying Biology but feels like she has to because her parents are supporting her education. What do you say to this student?"

If you were offered full time at your most recent job would you accept it?

What areas could you contribute to immediately, and what areas would you need additional training in?

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Have you ever worked on an Indian reservation (which was not a written requirement for the job.) What would you do if you got bored on the job? (The last person became bored and frequently left - she left to work in the Community College system.)

What do you like most about your current position? Why? What do you like least? Why?

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Regular interview questions like explain a time you had a conflict and how you resolved it.

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What do you know about us.

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If you could invent something to aid in your role (as a Career Counselor) regardless of cost, what would it be?

My experience working with military communities

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