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Career Counselor Interview Questions

"Career counselors very often work with students, returning military veterans, and low-income families with the goal of helping people transition into the workforce. For this reason, employers will be looking for individuals with strong communication skills and the creativity to help people find a personally fulfilling career. A bachelor's degree in counseling is expected for this position."

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What do you know about us.

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If you could invent something to aid in your role (as a Career Counselor) regardless of cost, what would it be?

My experience working with military communities

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We have lots of pot lucks, what would you bring?

Q: What was one thing that they asked you?

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What do you understand about working in a contractual agreement and supporting the Government interested based on SLA's, MOU's, MOA's and working with a Contract Officer?

Have you tried to persuade others in your previous experience

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