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Career Counselor Interview Questions

"Career counselors very often work with students, returning military veterans, and low-income families with the goal of helping people transition into the workforce. For this reason, employers will be looking for individuals with strong communication skills and the creativity to help people find a personally fulfilling career. A bachelor's degree in counseling is expected for this position."

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You can't tell me you wanted to be a medical recruiter? Why do you want this job.

Tell us about your work history, skills, and education as it pertains to the position.

Have you ever had to give negative input or correct a client in your previous job(s)?

If hired, are you willing to adhere to the dress code and policies of a flight attendant?

They gave to different scenarios of people job searching that you were to answer on the spot. I think the young woman who was doing the screening did not have a career coaching background.

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