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Career Service Advisor Interview Questions


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What skill set would make me successful in this field?

1 Answer

I said that being. Able to multitask and complete tasks in a timely fashion would definitely help me be successful in the position as it is a very fast paced environment to work in.

Why do you feel that you would be a good candidate for the position?

1 Answer

First group questions are about eligibility. Second group questions are about your resume and sales experience. They pull the resume apart line by line. This was awful because while my resume was easy to explain, I watched other's be berated and talked down to. One on one interview can be pretty personal but also asked generic interview questions but then was asked follow-up questions for in-depth responses.

What are your qualifications?

1 Answer

They presented sample resume and cover letters and asked for on the spot edits/feedback suggestions

Name a time where you had to give a student difficult feedback

What would you do if a employer called and stated they never want to use UMA ever again?

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