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Career Services Specialist Interview Questions


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Define honesty in your own words.

1 Answer

Just be truthful and honest with your answer.

How to get students involved with Career Services

1 Answer

Why do you want to work here

1 Answer

To provide a scenario in which I changed a workplace situation (not verbatim).

1 Answer

How do you meet tight deadlines? What type of coworkers would you like to work with? Name a time you had a challenge at work? Tell me about a time you had to get a project done, but didn't have all the information needed. Tell me about the longest report you had to produce. What personal traits would challenge your jobs duties? What other things would be a challenge for you to perform the job? How do you complete tasks and stay organized/what’s your work style? What kind of skills do you possess that will be helpful in performing this job?

What do you consider your biggest strength when dealing with an upset client?

1 Answer

How can you apply your prior experience to this new role?

1 Answer

Are you able to disk in front of large groups of people o or in front of a class

What is a typical work day for you where you are currently at?

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