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How you would go about deciding how many elevators are needed for this office building?

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I would recommend using critical thinking but as a metaphor for IT situations.

Was asked some questions about my background, what is deep learning, some of the trading algorithms I might know and (weirdly enough) I was asked some Java questions which wasn't even mentioned in my resume. This was unnerving. Questions like is Java a pass by value or pass by reference language and some programs to be made in java which included some OOP concepts.

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How would you implement a database and system for Target

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Behavioral Interview: Mostly about development process. What do you do if you face delays and can't meet a deadline?

Mostly behavioral questions about working with a team. Technical questions include high level data structure questions. (stack, queue, etc...)

Behavioral Round: Basic and common questions about what drives you, why Deutsche bank and what it is like to work with you in a team. Technical Round: This varied highly between candidates. In my case, we spent time all the time talking about things on my resume. For some candidates, they were asked to code basic programs on whiteboard.

Name the 3 types of SQL joins and the differences between them.

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Tell me more about this project that you did?

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