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Are you a people person?

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Just mention that you are social and love talking to all sorts of people.

The simple math test was unexpected.

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No difficult questions I think it was just a matter of a popularity contest with the potential co-workers, who I feel were intimidated by me and asked a barrage of questions that were unrelated and undermined my experience.

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Why are you interested in management consulting?

Describe how you contributed to your last project in detail.

Do you know what you are going to do as a case analyst?

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What interested me in this particular position?

Pretty standard sales interview questions. The first two steps went great. However, was insulted by the owner because he doesn't want someone on his sales floor like me that was at my last sales job for 12 YEARS making the amount of money that I did (his sales reps are determined to make six figures, which I'm sure they don't)! Apparently job stability doesn't mean anything to this pompous, spoiled, rich kid. I have never experienced treatment like this by a hiring manager or business owner. I was totally turned off and shocked that an owner of a business would treat a potential employee like that. Totally lost interest in working here after that. Thankfully I received an offer from another company later the same day. I gladly accepted. I definitely dodged a bullet at Community Tax. Good riddance!

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How do you handle a stressful situation. Describe a time you had to diffuse an angry customer.

How would you handle a difficult situation?

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