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They ask you to look at a picture of a dirty home, and describe in writing what you see in the picture.

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I was not sure what they were looking for in the essay portion, so I just described it to the best of my ability without being biased or using derogatory language.

Will you give an example of what you wrote?

There is something very specific in the picture that they want you to talk about. Only someone who knows what they're looking at will get it. Hint: there are drugs in the picture.

You've had several different positions in the past 5 years, why is that?

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How do you handle a difficult client?

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Q: They asked how do you do with pressure and deadlines?

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If a child has to be removed from the home, how do you feel about that?

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Your current role as a Case Manger entails what job responsibilities?

It was general questions asked. "Why did you leave your previous employer?" No behavioral questions were asked. I was also asked if I'm sure I want to do this type of work.

Do you think children who grow up in different cultures are different, and if yes, how so?

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Name a time where you felt out of place, weather it be at work or school, and how did you overcome this?

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Explain your experience with disease management and integrated care.

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