Case Manager Interview Questions

Case Manager Interview Questions

In a case manager interview, employers will typically ask questions to determine how you have a proactive approach to work since you will actively seek out opportunities to help your clients. Expect the interviewer to gauge your communication, organizational, and conflict-management skills.

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Top Case Manager Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top case manager interview questions and how to answer them.

Question #1: How do you build trust with your clients?

How to answer: Since this is one of the toughest and most important tasks of a case manager, the interviewer wants to know how your friendly demeanor and willingness to make home visits can help clients believe in you. Your willingness to advocate for clients because you feel strongly and not just because it's a job shows your dedication to the profession.

Question #2: Describe an instance when you struggled to communicate with a client.

How to answer: With this open-ended question, the interviewer wants to know how you effectively communicate with clients and deal with problems. Give a specific example of how you were able to remedy the situation, whether it was through a demonstration, presentation, or another way. Emphasize that you tried to see the issue through the client's eyes.

Question #3: How do you manage a variety of cases?

How to answer: With this question, the interviewer wants to know how you manage your time and stay organized. Give specific examples about the specific tools and processes you use. Mention how you prioritize specific cases without ignoring others.

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Vocational Case Manager was asked...September 18, 2015

How would you prioritize high volume and time sensitive situations. For example, you have a client scheduled for an appointment, a supervisor from another office has called because the individual needs information reported quickly, and you also have to complete case notes that are due.

2 Answers

I meant to vote in favor of this answer, it helped me out how to explain and organize my thoughts and prioritize without leaving anyone out. Less

I answered by first completing a quick assessment. Since the supervisor is currently on the phone I would inform them that I have a client coming in and ask if it is okay to help the client first or if the situation must be completed immediately. In general, I would try to help the client first since they are currently in the office with an appointment. If the supervisor needs the information immediately I would ask the client to wait a few minutes. The case notes would be last because I would have already taken shorthand notes and would only need to transfer them and get them submitted. Less

Kidsfirst Family Resource Center

You arrive at a home visit and you can hear people arguing and a lot of commotion inside the house. How would you handle this situation?

2 Answers

Tell us about your experience working with families with young children in a home setting, or a one-on-one environment? Less

I would wait outside for a few minutes to see if the commotion stops. If the family does not settle down, I would knock on the door and see if they are in a place for me to try to mediate the situation. If the commotion seemed like it was going to escalate to violent, I would contact the police. Less

Mary's Center

How would you handle a patient who is in a crisis and its 5 minutes away from the time your shift ends?

2 Answers

Well i will site with that person untill there crisis is over. So i make them feel that someone is there listening. Doesnt matter how long till your shift ends if its about someones problems that they cant handle by themselves. Less

I would handle the crisis the patient is facing. The client's needs are more important to resolve. Less

What do you think about placing a child back in a home where he was previously abused?

1 Answers

The main goal of Department of Child Services is to reunite families whenever possible, so I said that families should always be reunited when the abuser has completed the necessary actions to be reunited. Less

Tripler Army Medical Center

What did I hope to accomplish in my nursing career and how would this position fit into my plans

1 Answers

As I get older and less physically able to handle the physical demands of In-Patient nursing, I need to find opportunities in Out-Patient areas that will lead to promotion and allow me to use my training and experience to contribute to the health care system and improve patient care. This position would be the next logical step to reach these goals, in this clinic. Less


Can you speak directly with the physician if needed?

6 Answers




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Kintock Group

What does integrity mean to you?

4 Answers

Doing this correct thing without oversight

Having the ability to operate with ethical principles and standards

honor, upstandingness, good character, principle(s), ethics, morals, and doing what is right Less

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Indiana Department of Child Services

During the phone interview they ask you if there is anything you wouldn't want to be posted in the paper about yourself.

3 Answers

Keep in mind they ask you this question not only to see if you have anything you are ashamed of in your past but, also to get you to realize your name maybe posted in your local paper at times. Less

The picture isn't of just a "dirty" home. It took me a while to figure out what it was, but it was like a light bulb went off when I figures it out. Less

I interviewed for DCS a few days ago. My interviewer ACTUALLY told me that specific question is a "trick question." They want to see if you pause and hesitate to answer. So, when asked, immediately respond with an affirmative NO. Less

Case Manager was asked...February 21, 2011

Would I consider continuing my educatioin

3 Answers



As an glad you found another job...There are good things about JAMS but Senior Management is not one of them. Less

Mercy Drive

why do you want to work for this company? What are your future goals? what would you do if you see your co-worker doing something wrong?

3 Answers

Because i enjoy helping others. My future goals would be to excel in my position. If i see my co worker doing something wrong i would suggest to that to speak with our supervisor about it before i do, and inform them that they had until the end of the shift to do so Less

Because i enjoy helping others, my future goals are to excel in my position. If i saw my co worker doing something wrong i would report them Less

If i saw my co worker doing something wrong i would speak with them about it first and then ask to not let it happen again Less

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