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Case Manager Interview Questions

"As a case manager, you're responsible for assessing and providing guidance for the physical and mental health issues of individuals and families. Employers are looking for candidates who demonstrate excellent communication and problem-solving skills as well as show strong knowledge of the healthcare industry so that they can properly advise patients in a cost-effective manner. Come prepared to answer behavioral questions about ethical decisions you would make on the job, such as how you would handle a child whose parents are repeat abusers or a family that violates the rules of its shelter care. You may have to juggle heavy caseloads on the job, so employers will want to hear about your multitasking and time management skills."

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You arrive at a home visit and you can hear people arguing and a lot of commotion inside the house. How would you handle this situation?

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Tell us about your experience working with families with young children in a home setting, or a one-on-one environment?

I would wait outside for a few minutes to see if the commotion stops. If the family does not settle down, I would knock on the door and see if they are in a place for me to try to mediate the situation. If the commotion seemed like it was going to escalate to violent, I would contact the police.

What do you think about placing a child back in a home where he was previously abused?

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How would you prioritize high volume and time sensitive situations. For example, you have a client scheduled for an appointment, a supervisor from another office has called because the individual needs information reported quickly, and you also have to complete case notes that are due.

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How would you handle a patient who is in a crisis and its 5 minutes away from the time your shift ends?

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What did I hope to accomplish in my nursing career and how would this position fit into my plans

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They ask you to look at a picture of a dirty home, and describe in writing what you see in the picture.

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What I would do in a very litiginous case

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What are some of your strengths and weaknesses.

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They asked me if I knew anyone who worked for the company. I told them I did. They asked me if I knew the rates for home health visits. The manager then quoted me incorrect lower rates. I actually did know what they were paying before my interview. I lost respect for the company after that. The rates per visit were lower than I would have accepted...AND THEY TRIED TO OFFER ME A LOWER RATE THAN THEY PREVIOUSLY PAID NURSES!!

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How were admissions and case management handled?

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