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Why have you been unemployed for so long? *Note: Are you kidding me?

3 Answers

I reminded them about the economy and mentioned that I was not alone in the fact that hardly anyone was able to obtain employment due to all the unemployed people in US today.

Thank you for the laugh today...what a question to ask with today's economy. It's just not the way it used to be. I have been on the hunt for months.

It's very difficult to find a good job that pays reasonable in today's economy. Seems companies want double the requirements for the job, yet are offering half the pay they offered 10 years ago. So it has taken a while to find a company willing to pay a good salary for my experience.

How can you make a park-goer's experience better? This is not unusual or unexpected, but he asked over 30 questions he read off from a sheet, and only wrote "notes" as answers to each one.

4 Answers

sell an item out of a basket

1 Answer

Why do you want to be a cash lead? (in terms of company's benefits)

1 Answer

Why did you apply?

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Well that came from me. I had to ask if they were breast feeding friendly.

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If you found the office was $200 short, what would you do?

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How would you change your way of communicating to an older audience/ staff/

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What does customer service mean to you?

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