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Administrative Assistant- Receptionist was asked...August 10, 2012

How would you handle a situation where you have a client who interrupt your existing interaction with a client?

13 Answers

I apologize and ask him or her to please step in line and I’ll be right with them. If they interrupt I say understand completely and look for a manager. If there isn’t one available, I’d ask for the source of their urgency. If it’s just them being difficult without an interest in telling me their issue I’d tell them I’ll be with them shortly, I just have to help another customer. Really it helps to keep things short and simple, moving along as quickly as possible with other tasks at hand. Less

I politely tell the client who interrupted to please standby and that I will be able to answer their questions/handle their issues shortly. If they need immediate attention I will call a member of the team to assist. Less

I would kindly tell the client to please give me one second. I will answer their question in a timely manner. I would explained I am speaking to a client; if needed assistance immediately I can get a team member to help them. Less

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CPAP Services

What skills do you possess that you feel qualify you for this position? (Regards to accounting position.)

1 Answers

After sweating it through calculus physics one and two, I am entirely confident I can handle any number set thrown at me. Less

What is one thing you would change about your prior work office?

1 Answers

The flow for the nurse visits in the office

Hills and Dales Veterinary Clinic

What is your idea of professionalism?

1 Answers

Being honest with clients and giving them truthful responses to questions, and acting in a courteous and responsible manner. Less

Greenwich Hospital

Experience with patients and customer service skills

6 Answers

Excellent customer service

I had many years of experience

I am a young bilingual certified medical assistant ready to find a job match in my area i am full of motivation quick adapter full of respect and car Less

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The Quentin Hotels

When are you able to work?

6 Answers

I am able to work right away....

I am able right now

I am able to work right away

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Creekview Realty
Receptionist was asked...February 28, 2017

He gave me a word problem regarding the square feet of a building and a room and told me to figure it out. He also asked me how to copy and paste. When I gave him my answers, he then told me to explain how I got my answers. I asked his if he reviewed my resume but he ended the interview and told me good luck finding my way home.

3 Answers

I asked him what mathematical word problems had to do with duties of his receptionist. He replied, "I am looking for someone that can answer with a 6th grade education. Less

I told her twice, before she came in, that a GPS will just lead her to a shopping center, and clearly told her to go WEST on Lorimar from Preston, and we are the 2nd building on the right (no one ever has problems finding us from those directions). She obviously ignored that and got lost, just as I told her she would. Then she called me from her car, calling out landmarks, and thoroughly confused about how to get here. She couldn't comprehend how to go West from the bank, when the bank is on the Southeast corner. When she got here, I asked her (as we do all applicants) to do a simple 5th grade math problem. She was bewildered and said she was not good at math. (By the way, one of our employees has a 10 year old in 5th grade, and easily did the math problem. The job post stated a requirement of basic 6th grade math.) Then I asked if she could tell me how many square feet there are in a 10' x 12' room, and she couldn't even answer that! On top of that, she had an obvious lack of computer skills. So I told her this wasn't going to be a good fit, and sent her on her way. Unfortunately, there are people out there who lack basic skills and qualifications, have no common sense, can't follow simple instructions, don't read the requirements on a job post, lie on their resumes, and then whine on Glass Door. Hopefully anyone reading this will avoid applying here if they too don't have brains, or have any of the characteristics of this applicant. Less

OMG! Thank you. I will not be interviewing at this place.

St. Mary's Medical Center (West Virginia)

Name a time you had to deal with a difficult physician?

3 Answers

Explained a situation with a physician questioning my vitals on a patient

What tine is my interview

I was an administrator to 3 doctors at University of Cincy . I started the practice with them at the Barrett Cancer Center from their interviews bringing them in from MD Anderson to all their credentialing . So to answer your question you treat them the same way you want to be treated with honesty , and respect . The same way you like to be treated and spoken to Less

Animal Friends of the Valleys

Have you worked on the telephone before?

3 Answers


I worked with phones for 3+ years

I worked with phones for 2 years

Golden Tulip Hotel, Suites & Resorts

Why did you apply for the job

4 Answers

Hospitality is my passion

Because I love meeting people

Hospitality is my passion

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